Children's health, country-wide

Royal Far West

Australia’s national charity company, Royal Far West supports marginalized children with programs such as Telecare for Kids, Paediatric Developmental Program, and so on.


Website is a medium for Royal Far West to share stories of countless children deprived of basic needs. But, the company was struggling where to start from and had a lot of information and reports to share. Studiomatrix was recruited to make it right from start that is a logo and work on multiple projects including web designing and development.


  • WordPress CMS
  • User Experience & Interface
  • Project Management & Coordination
  • Custom Page Builder


Our team invested in designing a logo and improving UX so that visitors can easily navigate and are able to take action in the easier possible way. The team created an opt-in form that Royal Far West can manage query and support requests. With the completion of a web development project, Royal Far West could better manage multiple stakeholders to attain one objective of supporting kids.