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As a growing company, StudioMatrix is constantly expanding and is an exciting place to work. Excellence, teamwork, focus on impact and swift outcome are core values we live by. We recruit a growth-minded individual who can create works of art via coding, designing, and creative problem-solving. We offer a space where you can be yourself and where you are heard.

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  • Mid to Upper Mid-Level Laravel Developer

    We are looking for backend developers of varying experience levels, who have excellent programming and problem solving skills and attention to detail. Our backend stack is traditional LAMP.


    • Excellent knowledge of modern PHP (SOLID, OOP, autoloading, composer, dependency injection)
    • Level appropriate knowledge of the internals of Laravel (or Symfony) - including request lifecycle, containers, validation, job handling, security, DBAL (Eloquent or Doctrine), package development.
    • Excellent troubleshoooting and debugging skills - Xdebug, query monitors, debug bar usage.
    • Multi-year experience of backend web development.Appropriate knowledge in PHP and Laravel or similar MVC frameworks (Symfony, Yii, etc).
    • Strong knowledge of JavaScript. If you have worked with a frontend framework such as Vue/Angular in the past it is a plus point - we are looking for a backend dev primarily but having frontend knowledge is always welcome.
    • Knowledgeable regarding good database design and proficient in writing SQL queries
    • Ability to prioritize and manage deliverables with specified timelines.
    • Understanding of developing unit tests with PHPUnit would be great.
    • Experience reviewing, maintaining and upgrading legacy systems.
    • Digital Ocean, AWS or other cloud provider experience is preferred.

    Additional Information


    • Implement apis and backends based on project requirements.
    • Maintain, troubleshoot, modernize and feature legacy applications. This may include rewriting old PHP into modern Laravel applications.
    • For senior positions, we expect you to take loose requirements and convert them into proper deliverables, create an implementation plan if required and execute those .


    Salary Range

    • NPR 65,000 – 85,000 per month
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