A handmade fashion brand


Filosophie is a handmade fashion brand based in Belgium that is formed by energetic youths full of creativity and aspiration to grow as a sustainable fashion brand.


Filosophie came to us with a request to create a user-friendly site with a chic outlook and easy functionality to make customer interaction smooth from signing up to checkout. We worked on to deliver more than what they asked for by also providing simplified checkout and a SEO-friendly site.


  • WordPress CMS
  • Ux + Visual Designs
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Multilingual setup
  • Performance enhancements

The Solution

We used WordPress to build a responsive website in a period of only 3 months. Originally, we planned to build a logo and an e-commerce site but we decided to develop a multi-lingual website offering English, French, Dutch, and German languages which turned out to be one of the core advantages for Filosophie.